Nymph's Flow

The Wailing Survivor

Patrick was unaware of the exchange between Ivy and Clod. He moved forward into the room going carefully and spied a lever in alcove hidden from view originally by one of the pillars. He moved toward the lever and the floor beneath him gave way. Leaping backwards, he managed avoiding falling into the pit trap.

“The room is trapped.” Patrick called to the party to stay where they were. Examining the pit, he guessed the pit was about ten feet deep. At the bottom of the pit was a mound of pillows. “The pit has a mound of pillows in the bottom of it.”

“At least we know what the pillows, we found at the entrance were for then.” Flint hollered back. “The villagers must have prepped this room before the skeletons got them.”
Staying close to the wall, Flint began to make his way around the pillar towards the lever. He reached the lever and pulled the switch. “Nothing happened.” He pulled the switch again. “Do you see anything?”

Patrick and the rest of the group did not see any change with the pulling of the lever, so Patrick suggested Flint stay by the switch and began to explore the room again. He discovered two more pits and a second and third lever in different alcoves in different walls. Patrick turned to walk back to the party and lost his footing falling into a pit that opened up beneath him.

Patrick landed with a thud into the pillows. The pillows designed to catch the weight of human teenager burst with the sudden weight of the dwarf, sending pillows into the air. “I fell into a pit. Come toss me a rope.”

Flint moved to help Patrick out of the pit. Taking the rope and the light with him, Flint made his way carefully towards the fallen dwarf. As the light faded, obscured by the pillars, Clod leaned towards Ivy and whispered, “You’re a witch, Ivy!” And without warning grabbed her by the arm and whirled her into the middle the room and grinned to himself as a pit opened up beneath her dropping her into darkness.

Flint and Patrick made their way back where Ivy and Clod were supposed to be waiting. Patrick noted that Ivy was missing to which Clod replied, “She followed the light.” A quick search by Patrick and Flint found Ivy at the bottom of the pit. They lowered the rope and Ivy reached up and began to tie a small pouch to the rope. Then she grabbed onto the rope and was slowly pulled upwards.

Ivy gave the pouch to Patrick and looking inside, a small scrap of parchment read, “Three to open, but be quick, for the door wil only open for those who work together.” Along side the note were 5 platinum pieces, one for each of the chosen children.

“I didn’t realize how much of a help, Ivy was going to be.” Patrick tried to be kind but was getting frustrated by the amount of mishaps Ivy seemed to find. He led Ivy to a door in the south wall. “When we pull the levers, the door will open. Just hold the door open, until all of us manage to get past the door.” Ivy nodded, and pulled the sack firmly down over her head and tried to look small.

Flint, Patrick and Clod each made their way to a lever and counted down from three, pulled the lever. The door clicked open and Ivy opened it and held it open. With the door open, the mournful wailing grew louder. The four adventurers followed the sound down a musty hallway to a closed door. A host of bones were strewn on the floor, many of them cracked and broken.

Patrick stepped back from the door, “I heard the sound of a crossbow being loaded.” Patrick knocked on the door and hollered out, “Are you okay in there?”

The wailing suddenly stopped, and the room became very quiet. Patrick tried the door, but it was locked. Flint tried to push the door open, and it gave creating a very slim crack opening. “It’s barricaded” Flint started to say, but then instinctively ducked as a crossbow bolt fired through the small opening. Flint pushed the door open a bit more, allowing them to see a pale gaunt man.

“it’s Roldare!” Flint asked, “What happened?”

Roldare screams at the young fighter, “You are a trick of the dead one, the dead one who speaks. The angry bones sent you!”

“His sanity has left him,” Ivy said softly.

“Roldare, let us in! You know me. You know us! You know our families; we know you and your sister,” Flint says softly, trying to calm the villager.

“Dimira still lives,” Roldare says. “The voice took her. The skeletons drug her off. The one with the voice of death, who stalks these halls in ancient mail. He took her. He took her. He took her.”

Patrick closed the door. “I don’t know if we have time to deal with this. He won’t remove the barricade and if we try to enter, he shoots at us with his crossbow. He is obviously safe, and we can come back.”

“Maybe if we find his sister or something that would prove we are from Flow, he would open the door?” Ivy suggested.

“We could show him Ivy,” Clod suggested. Everyone in Flow knows Ivy. He snickered gently. “You could show him your face Ivy.”

Ivy looked at Clod, her eyes hurt by his hateful remarks. “It’s worth a shot,” said Flint. Ivy sighed and reopened the door. Making sure that her face could not be seen by anyone but Roldare, she slowly lifted up the burlap sack.

Roldare’s face went slack as he stared at Ivy’s face, then his eyes grew round and his brain began to piece together what he was seeing. Finally, he began to shriek and scream. Clawing at his eyes, “Why would you show me that? I can’t unsee that!” He cried and clawed at his eyes.

Ivy quickly dropped her burlap sack back into place, and moved away from the door. Flint gave the door a mighty push, bursting through the blockade. Roldare had moved away from the door into a corner and had managed to claw his eyes out of the socket. Blood was streaming down his face.

Patrick bandaged his eyes, and stopped the bleeding. Saving Roldare’s eyesight was beyond his skill, but he could keep the poor wretch from doing more harm to himself. Whimpering softly to himself, Roldare sat on the floor wrapping his arms about his knees and rocked himself gently.

“Damn Ivy! You must uglier than I thought!” Clod snickered.

Ivy moved to an opposite corner of the room at sat down, watching Roldare. Roldare turning his face toward her, aware of her staring even without his eyesight. “His mind is broken now. His emotions are a swirl of confusion, his thoughts random.” Ivy closed her eyes, "His friends are being butchered by skeletons. He’s safe in the locked room. The villagers arrive to the tomb, his sister is smiling. There are six of them. “The shields and keys” show the way. Someone will have to go for a swim. He is happy, he purchased the crossbow from a down-on-his-luck adventurer. " Ivy opened her eyes, “He will need a lot of help in having his mind restored. He should stay here and we can have ”/characters/lucca-earthbow" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lucca Earthbow see if he can help when we get back to town."

Clod watches Ivy closely, his eyes narrowing as he becomes more and more convinced the young lady is a witch. He moves away as far away from Ivy as he can get in the room. Patrick suggests the group barricade the door again, and stay the night here. Flint helps Patrick secure the door. Ivy leans back in her corner resting. Clod watches Ivy. Flint and Patrick go to sleep. Roldare continues to stare into the darkness and comforts himself.

When the party awakes, they break camp. The room has not changed much except that the corner in which Ivy was sleeping has grown moss and lichen in great abundance. Ivy rested gently on her mound of moss.

“That’s a neat trick,” Flint said looking at Ivy with more interest than he’s shown.

“It’s not a trick. I don’t do it. It just kind of happens. Plants grow around me. They grow fast. Well not like erupting from the ground, but faster than normal.”

“It’s still a neat trick,” Flint suggested.

“It leaves one damp in the morning. Lichen and moss hold a lot of water.”

“I hadn’t thought of that.” Flint says.

Flint and Patrick decided to search through the debris used to barricade the door to see if anything was useful or could be salvaged for use. The townsfolk had always used this room as a resting place during their exploits. There were a number of bedrolls here, a pair of bullseye lanterns with 4 flasks of oil, 5 days worth of rations, and two potions of cure light wounds clearly labeled as “healing.” Taking the two potions, the party secured the rest of the gear for later, making sure Rodare was safe…the young adults, went back into the darkened hallways of Kassen’s Tomb.



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