Boss Payden "Pay Day" Teedum

Overboss of the Lumber Consortium


Payden’s an ugly thug, with a bull neck, a huge round face, and a mashed-in nose courtesy of an axe handle wielded by Nymph’s Flow Sherrif Baleson in a cutyard brawl. He’s thick shouldered and stocky, yet he moves like a trained killer. He’s overly fond of chewing blood-bark, and spits its crimson leavings all over the place.


“Pay Day” get’s his nickname from the way he doles out “dues” to anyone who fails to follow Kreed’s commands fast enough. Teedum’s used to people taking his orders and can’t treat anyone like an equal. Kreed is a god to him and everyone else is a dung beetle, there to be herded toward useful work or squashed under his boot. Whenever Kreed ventures out into the streets of Flow, Teedom tags along, interposing his beefy frame between the gavel and those Kreed angers (which is nearly everyone). Payden has a real bone to pick with Deldrin Baleson. The only reason he hasn’t tried to break the Sheriff’s neck is that Kreed fears turning Baleson into a martyr for other townsfolk to rally to.

Boss Payden "Pay Day" Teedum

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