A poor farmboy


Clod is a young lad of about sixteen. He is strong from physical labour. Like all Earthbow, he has a strong chiseled chin. He has the patchy beard, growing in for the first time. He wears clean but simple garments. He carries a walking stick, with one sharpened to a point by burning it slightly in a campfire.


Clod is a member of the Earthbow family. He is from a poor farm family and he is seen often in the fields working hard. He doesn’t come to town often, but when he does he is quick to laugh, offer a helping hand and enjoy simpler things in life.

Clod was a last minute replacement to the group. He used his blackened spear with some skill, and helped explore the upper levels of the crypt before Clod met with an untimely end at the hands of bloody skeletons.


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