Colbin Vetnar

Guildmaster of the Woodcutter's Guild


As the guildmaster for the woodcutter’s guild, Colbin Vetnar holds a fair amount of power in the city of Nymph’s Flow, second only toMayor Uptal. Unfortunately, where the mayor uses his power to help the people of Nymph’s Flow, Colbin is only interested in lining his own pockets. Colbin makes it a habit to follow the rules to the letter, but where there is any uncertainty, Colbin makes sure that the interpretation favors himself and the woodcutters guild. When the weapon makers in town protested about the guild making wooden weapons, Colbin relented, but only if the weapon makers agreed to purchase any wooden components from the guild (leading many in the town to make jokes about the quality of “Colbin’s arrows” and “Colbin’s staves”).


Colbin Vetnar

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