Cygar Anravis

A mysterious scar faced stranger


The folk on Nymph’s Flow are naturally wary of outsiders, and Cygar does nothing to allay their fears. He dresses in dark colors and keeps to himself, having rented a room in the Seven Silvers for the past 4 months. He can sometimes be seen wandering around town, watching the townsfolk, but otherwise he keeps mostly to his room and the taproom at the Silvers.

In reality, Cygar is a Pathfinder, one of the vast group of international treasure hunters and adventurers. He is here in town because the Pathfinder Society is looking to set up a post in northern Nirmathas that they can use to organize expeditions into the Belkzen. Cygar is keeping a lookout for anyone in town who he might get to join his cause, but they need to prove themselves competent first.


Cygar Anravis

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