Deldrin Baleson

Sherriff on Nymph's Flow


Deldrin used to be a poor lumberjack toiling in the cutyards under Gavel Thuldrin Kreed’s oppressive thumb. One day he refused to pay an “axe tax” on a lumberaxe he had already bought and paid for. Boss Teedum tried to take Deldrin’s axe, and the half-elf smashed Teedum’s face with the flat of it. As one of the few locals to stand up to Teedum and Kreed, he was elected Sheriff the following week. Now he carries the same axe around on his shoulder to remind Kreed and Boss Teedum he is not afraid of them. Deldrin is tall for a half-elf, towering over most humans, and his well-muscled, imposing form is further enhanced by his sharp goldflecked eyes.


Deldrin Baleson

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