Gregor Wisslo

Guard Captain


The town of Nymph’s Flow has never truly known the horrors of the war with Molthune, but occasional raiding parties from Belkzen do sometimes poise a threat. As such, the town has been watched over for many years by Wisslo, who serves as guard captain. Gregor is a staunch man who believes in schedules and regiment over ingenuity and spontaneity, much to the chagrin of the town’s residents. As an aging fighter, Gregor is a qualified teacher, but his lessons are rigid and his discipline harsh. The guards he has trained are quite skilled, but the secretly detest the old man, calling him names behind his back (Captain Is-Slow is the current favorite).

Guard Captain Gregor Wisslo has currently taken an interest in the development of the half-orc Flint


Gregor Wisslo

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