Male Human Wizard


An old and forgetful wizard.


On the eastern edge of town is a single tower, leaning slightly to the south, made of bricks and timber. This is home of Holgast, Flow’s local sage and mystic. Although Holgast is very knowledgeable, he is old and quite forgetful, meaning the townsfolk only consult him if the need is truly great. Holgast spends most of his days wandering about his tower, reading books, smoking his pipe and taking naps. Once a week, he wanders into town to purchase supplies and provisions with his seemingly inexhaustible reserve of perfect golden coins, which he claims came from an immense hoard some years ago.

Holgast has been known to mentor other wizards on occasion. However, he makes for a frustrating mentor. His lessons are erratic and old fashioned. His apprentices are required to do all manner of chores for the privilege of learning from him, while he sleeps the day away and teaches very little. Those who have learned anything from him have done so by sneaking into the wizard’s spellbooks while he is napping.


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