Lucca Earthbow

Cleric of Erastil


Lucca Earthbow is friendly with the hunters and archers of the town, as well as with Brendon Falstaff. He’s a simple person, and prefers straight forward answers to problems. He is a staunch protector of the community and uses his skills to help the community survive and prosper. He tends to be conservative, traditional and likes the idea of close-knit families, fertile farmlands, and woods rich with game and food. He mentors a lot of the young teens in the community to be self-sufficient, teaching them how to grow food and hunt with bow and arrow. He is very popular among the young teens as he leads one of the rights of passage for the young adolescents in a three day, two night excursion into the fey woods.


Lucca Earthbow has caught Blackscour taint is his fate is undecided at this time.

Lucca Earthbow

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