Bright eyed mischief maker


A bright eyed, raven haired beauty of the Orivias clan, Mischief has a keen sense of humor and is known for pranks. In fact her pranks on the other children of the town help her get her childhood name. She has taken to the halfling notion of “borrowing” things that are left laying around, although she has no intention of keeping them and returns them eventually or leaves them to be found by others.

In The Lottery, Mischief was supposed to be part of the coming of age party to retrieve the EverFlame. However, she was injured testing a “sugar-glider” outfit she purchased from a traveling gnome by jumping off the roof of Archer’s Hall. She is currently recovering under the care of the healers in Archer Hall and remains under the watchful eye of Lucca Earthbow.

(Mischief has claimed to have the ability to break the “fourth wall” and thus all typing errors, and breaks in the storyline are her doing.)



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