Moltus Vargidan

Eccentric patriarch of the Vargidan family


If you ask a dozen folk in Nymph’s Flow who is the strangest person in town, you would get the same answer every single time: Ugly Ivy. But if you asked a dozen folk in Nymph’s Flow who is the strangest family in town, you would get a different answer: the Vargidans.

This old family has a touch of magic in its blood, with each one of the children showing some sorcerous talent. Where this magic comes from is a mystery, and the family refuses to speak of such things in mixed company. Lording over the family is the wealthy and eccentric patriarch, Moltus Vargidan. This aging man has white hair that trails down to his knees, and he can often be found wandering the halls of the estate muttering to himself. Living with him are almost a dozen children (each from a different wife) and a pair of lifelong servants.

Sorcerers who come to this house have been forced to learn things for themselves, because the old man shares few of his secrets, and many of the children are starting to believe that his grip on reality is slowly slipping.


Moltus Vargidan

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