Sir Tesh Dramott

Military Officer from a foreign land


The people of Lastwall, the militaristic nation to the north, take it as their responsibility to keep the orcs of Belkzen in check. Unfortunately, their forces are spread thin, so they rely on a number of scouts close to the border of Belkzen to keep watch. Sir Dramott is one such scout. Although he has no authority in Nymph’s Flow, he regularly reports to his commanders in Lastwall, informing them of any orc activity.

Mayor Uptal is grateful for Sir Drammott’s assistance whenever trouble is brewing, but he is concerned about a military officer from a foreign land stationed in his own town. The people of Nymph’s Flow respect Sir Drammott, but they would rather he go home and leave them to their own devices.

He is capable and wise, if a bit harsh. Unfortunately most of his lessons and stories deal with service to Lastwall and children that listen to his tales are taught to think of such service as a high honor.

He is often found walking about town or at Sir Dramott’s Home


Sir Tesh Dramott

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