Ivy Osito

The Ugliest Girl in Town


Ugly Ivy wears a burlap sack dress and a burlap sack covering her head. Her parents found her hideously ugly when she was born and have kept her covered since. She is gentle, quiet and listens intently to those around her. Hey eyes are the feature that is most easily seen and they are a startling blue with streaks of gold in them.


Ugly Ivy is often overlooked by the entire town. The town takes pity on her for being so homely, and while it was unusual when her parents first started covering her face and body in burlap bags…over the years it’s become “normal”. She is socially awkward in many situations as the town does not really interact with her so much as suffer to be around.

She is often about town wandering, helping when people aren’t paying attention. When your glass is suddenly refilled and you don’t remember filling it, it’s often the result of Ivy being around.

Ivy is most peculiar in that “Scary” things happen when Ivy is around. Ivy listens intently to the world around her and can often “feel” the emotions of others or will tell you memories or feelings you wish had rather stayed private. She has a green thumb and plants tend to grow faster and healthier with her care. She also has a way with animals.

With many of Ivy’s unusual powers beginning to manifest, some of the more observant townsfolk are beginning to think she may be a witch.

Ivy Osito

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