Typically used for meetings, weddings and other celebrations, the Greathall is a tall, three-story wooden structure near the center of town. Inside is one grand space with a number of smaller rooms on each floor. This is a more formal building than Archer’s Hall. It also has no ties with any religion.

Magistrate Vamros Harg has taken over the Greathall and has started calling it by the name “The Hollow Tribunal”

The Hollow Tribunal is the primary government building in the area, run by the halfling Vamros Harg, Magistrate of Nymph’s Flow. Providing the community with general public services, as well as presiding over disputes and prosecutions, Harg is known to be controlled by agents of the Lumber Consortium; his decisions are often made in support of the Consortium’s men and operations.

The irony of the decisions being made in support of the Consortium’s men and operations make the halfling’s justice truly “hollow” as the name implies.


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