Trelvar Silvers

Owner of Seven Silvers Tavern


Trelvar, along with his daughter, Asina, run the only tavern and inn located inside Nymph’s Flow, the Seven Silvers. Trelvar is middle-aged and inherited the bar from his father over 10 years ago. Although Trelvar is a good man and honest with his customers (even if Jimes) is not, he has fallen into a deep depression over the past year.

His wife died giving birth to his only son, and the son did not last the winter. As a result, Trelvar is left without a wife and heir. While Asina Silvers has tried to brighten his mood and insists that she will take over the bar, Trelvar is unsure and would be just as likely to give the place over to a respectable employee after seeing to it that Asina was properly married. It seems like the only time Trelvar seems to cheer up is when a wealthy or affluent stranger rolls into town.


Trelvar Silvers

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