Forest Fauna

A number of unusual or unique creatures dwell in the region around Nymph’s Flow and in Darkmoon Vale. Listed here are but a few creatures that might be encountered along travels.

Dunlied (Brush Colt): A particularly stout breed of small-antlered deer, often trained by foresters as mounts (same stats as a light horse).

Giant Moorsnake: Gray and brown patterned acquatic snakes, skilled at hiding amid debris and floating foliage at the edges of rivers and lakes (same stats as a constrictor snake).

Firefoot Fennec: Small foxes with large ears and wispy patches of flame-colored fur around their paws. (same stats as a dog)

Razorcrow: Over-large rooks with distinctive, jagged beaks and unkempt, oily black feathers (Same stats as a hawk).

Saingrist’s Crawler: A breed of angry red and black centipede capable of growing to monstrous size (same stats as any monstrous centipede). Their bites are said to burn like fire.

Slurk: Disgusting, pale subterranean frogs that secrete powerful adhesives.

Forest Fauna

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