Lumber Consortium

The Lumber Consortium is a company which has a monopoly on the hardwood and darkwood lumber industry in the country of Andoran. A remnant of the past when Andoran existed as a Chelish holding, the Lumber Consortium has seen its wealth and influence decline with the coming of democracy. Nonetheless, the Lumber Consortium continues to exert great pressure on smaller and weaker regions and communities, particularly in the less developed areas of the nation. The Consortium’s major logging operation occurs in and around Darkmoon Vale, and as such, this is where their continued power is most noticeable.

Recently, the Lumber Consortium has invaded the Feywood near Nymph’s Flow


Recently, with the town council having lost two of the three primary members and the third representing a small minority of dwarves, the Lumbar consortium has taken root in the town of Nymph’s Flow. They have establish a couple of their own within the town…and are slowly taking over.

To help further their ends, they have establish a lumber camp in the Feywood. They have appointed a magistrate that hears all cases prior to the mayor being involved, as the magistrate has to a barrister while the mayor is simply an elected official. Finally, they have established the woodcutter’s guild and recruited various and sundry to come to Nymph’s Flow to work as lumberjacks, log-rollers, guards and merchants.

Local citizens can feel the shift as the mood of the town goes from one of good cheer and mirth to more of an oppressive occupation.

Lumber Consortium

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