Lumber Consortium Camp

This efficient and profitable camp stands amid an ugly swath of clear-cutting roughly 15 miles from Nymph’s Flow. Five sturdy log buildings—a bunkhouse, a meal hall, an office, a barn and a smithy—comprise the camp, which provides for roughly 30 men. Scattered amid the sawdust-covered clearing surrounding the buildings are numerous wide, heavy carts and sleds.

The Lumber Consortium owns this hard-working camp and employs all its residents. Most of the men here work as lumbermen, and all 23 of them sleep in the bunkhouse. The camp’s boss Jarlbeen Trookshavits,lives in a small room tacked onto the outside of the filthy and taxidermy-filled office (in which he works). Similar small rooms attached to the well-organized barn and the junk-filled smithy house their caretakers as well.

Several wanderers and woodsmen who explore the Feywood and Darkmoon Wood for the Lumber Consortium (ever looking for new copses of darkwood and other valuable resources) use the camp as a base of operations, taking warm meals here on occasion and bedding down in the bunkhouse during particularly foul weather.

Currently experienced tracker and hunter, Milon Rhoddam, is one of these itinerant residents.

Lumber Consortium Camp

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